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Befooki - Collection of Nail Gel Polish, Top Coat and Base Coat


Befooki - Collection of Nail Color Gel Polish

Color Gel Polish

Befooki - Top Coat - Nail Gel Polish

Top Coat

Befooki - Base Coat - Nail Gel Polish

Base Coat

Befooki - Nail Gel Polish Gift Set for her

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Befooki - Collection of nail art stickers & nail tattoos

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Befooki - UV/LED Lamps for Nail Gel Polish

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Befooki - Collection of Nail Color Gel Polish

Temperature changing color gel

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Befooki - Best selling nail color gel polish

Directions of use for Befooki gel nail polish

Make sure your hands are clean and dry before applying polish. Do not use any hand cream or oil.

Shape nails with a file. Remove any shine from your nail surface using buffing block.

Use the nail cleanser or alcohol to wipe the nail surface. Cleanse the surface using lint free wipes

Apply a layer of base coat. Cure nails for 1 minute using LED lamp or 2 mins using UV Lamp

Apply a thin layer of your chosen Gel Polish color. Cure nails for 1 minute using LED Lamp or 2 mins using UV Lamp.

Repeat step 5 to apply a layer of color again, then the color becomes full and beautiful. You can apply few times for some light color to let color be more beautiful.

Apply a layer of Top Coat. Cure nails for 1 minute using LED Lamp or 2 mins using UV Lamp

Use lint free wipes to wipe the nail surface make the nail surface more shinning, and protect the nail surface from dirty things.

Your new gel manicure can last over 15 days.

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Nail Gel Polish

"I applied the solid red color with a clear top coat to have wonderful finish. After 2 weeks it was still going strong. Its extremely hard anti chip nail polish that does a really good job. Highly recommended and most certainly in my top five. ..."
Lauren, Chester

Nail Gel Polish

"Brilliant for providing a good base and a high shine finish to your nails. Made a huge difference to the condition of my nails. Very easy to apply with perfect results. I definitely will keep purchasing this product! ..."
Mrs Carole Hughes, London

Nail Gel Polish

"Absolutely beautiful colour! looks amazing, wouldn't buy any other make as the quality and price are just perfect. Excellent and highly recommended...."
Miss Tina, West Midlands

Nail Gel Polish

"Just love this neutral colour. At workplace am only allowed to wear neutral/nude colours and this goes with anything you're wearing.. one of the best natural colours i've used and would rate them over any than other known brands. ..."
Rhea Patel, Edinburgh

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